difference between railing and railing of railing

Fence vs Railing - What's the difference? | WikiDiff As nouns the difference between fence and railing is that fence is a thin, human-constructed barrier which separates two pieces of land or a house perimeter while railing is a fence or barrier consisting of one or more horizontal rails and vertical supports. As verbs the difference between fence and railing

Stainless Steel Cable Rail VS Aluminum Railing In this article we'll look at some of the most significant differences between aluminum and stainless rail systems and why you should buy from SCS.

meaning - Rail and railing (difference) - English ... When used as a noun, in your example, both rail and railing has no significant difference. rail (noun) a bar of wood or metal fixed horizontally for any of various purposes, as for a support, barrier, fence, or railing. a fence; railing. (there are 5 other definitions too) railing (noun)

Railings: Guardrails, Stair Rails, & Handrailings: codes ... Railings used on stairs, balconies, decks, ramps, walks: we explain the difference between a handrail, a stair rail and a guardrail, and we provide specifications and building code specifications & sketches of proper, safe, and improper, unsafe handrails and other types of railings.

Balustrade vs Handrail - What's the difference? | WikiDiff is that balustrade is (architecture) a row of balusters topped by a rail, serving as an open parapet, as along the edge of a balcony, terrace, bridge, staircase, or the eaves of a building while handrail is a rail which can be held, such as on the side of a staircase, ramp or other walkway, and serving as a support or guard.

banister/railing/handrail | WordReference Forums How to make the difference between a banister, a railing and a handrail ? A railing can be anywhere, for any purpose. For example, it may be to prevent people from falling off a cliff or a roof. A handrail is a railing intended to be held by people's hands to support them while they walk or do something else.

Railing Specifications - Difference between Handrails and ... Defining Handrails and Guardrails. Handrails – According to building code, this is a horizontal, sloping rail that’s intended for a person to grasp by their hand ...